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The Porter County Fair management is committed to creating a safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience for its patrons. Unruly or inconsiderate behavior and fighting will not be tolerated and will result in ejection from the fair and/or permanent revocation of ticket privileges.

Absolutely NO gang colors or attire, firearms or alcoholic beverages are permitted!
Pets, skateboards, rollerblades, metal detectors, hoverboards and soliciting are also not allowed on the fairgrounds. Bicycles are not permitted within the inner-grounds during the fair.

The Porter County Fair prohibits unauthorized operation or use of any unmanned aerial vehicle on or above the Porter County Fairgrounds. This includes all UAVs, commonly known as “drones,” regardless of commercial or recreational purpose. Any UAV(s) observed at or near the Porter County Fairgrounds will be reported to local law enforcement and the Federal Aviation Administration.

Keep your family and our animals safe. Please take precautions! Avoid eating and drinking in barns. Place pacifiers, bottles and sippy cups in diaper bags before entering livestock areas. Wash hands thoroughly upon exiting.


For the safety of your young children please stop by Gate 1 upon entrance to the fair and get a child safety wristband. These wristbands will help us identify any child who gets separated from their parents or guardians.

If a parent and child get separated, go to Gate 1, which is the main entrance to the fairgrounds or locate any Firefighter, EMS, or Police official to report the separation. Please provide clothing, height, weight, age, and last known area they were at.

Lost children will be brought to the Fire, Police and EMS command center located just inside Gate 1 attached to the Expo Center on the north side until we can contact the parent or guardian and reunite parties.


If you or someone else has an injury, stop any Firefighter, EMS, or Police official as soon as possible, or come to the Fire/EMS/Police Command Center located at the Main Gate. If nothing else, call 911 and help will arrive soon.

Please, while you are the fair, stop by and see us at the Fire Safety House located at the Main Gate for free handouts on safety.

Thank you on behalf of the Porter County Fire Association and Washington Township Fire Department