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General Info

All booths are 8 feet deep and 10 feet wide. Pipe and drape are provided for the booths. In-line booths are $400 per booth space and corner booths (double exposure) are $500 per booth space. There is to be no subletting of space. Electric is available at a cost of $4 per day for 110 Volt and $8 a day for 220 Volt.

Admission to the Fair

Two Value Passes, which include 10 days of admission to the fair per pass, will be provided for each booth at no cost. Extra tickets can be purchased when registering for your booth or at the fair office during set-up at a discounted price to vendors, including additional Value Passes for $25. Otherwise, general admission to the fair is $7 per person per day or extra Value Passes can be purchased for $40 at the entrance to the fair.

Vendor Parking

Parking is free for all exhibitors and attendees. Reserved parking will be provided adjacent to the Commercial Buildings for exhibitors. Two parking passes for the reserved area will be provided for each vendor. Please note the reserved lot may be opened to the public on busy nights if the space is needed.

Booth Registration

Prior to April 1, 2019 only returning vendors may reserve space. Those vendors are only able to reserve the booth they had in 2018.  After April 1st, returning vendors may request a different space. Space will also open up to new vendors at that time. Anyone seeking to become a new indoor vendor needs to submit an Online Application. The link to register for space will ONLY be emailed to those who are approved for space or are a returning vendor. If you have questions about registration, please contact

Please note that these spaces are indoors and NOT typically for food vendors. Requests for outdoors space or for food vendors must go through the Fair Manager for approval. When registering for space, you will be asked to place a $100 deposit down for EACH booth space you are renting. By completing your registration, you are indicating that you have read and agree to all terms, rules and regulations as written in the Vendor Terms. Please be sure to read them thoroughly to ensure you are aware of our rules and expectations.

Displays & Rentals


There is a 4 feet height restriction in front of and for the first 4 feet of the booth so as not to block the view of neighboring booth spaces for those visiting the Commercial Building. Nothing can be in the aisle for any reason. You may not leave your booth space to talk to customers or to hand out flyers. No pins or staples are permitted on the trade show curtains. It is suggested that “S” hooks be used to display items that need to be hung for the display or exhibit. The display may not extend out into the aisles. The fire marshal will not allow tents or similar canopies to be used within a booth. There will only be walk-through security provided during building hours. Be sure to read the Vendor Terms so that you understand our policies on displays.

Rental Fees

Absolutely No Booth Rentals after July 15, 2019!

Tables: $12
Skirts: $12
Chairs: $2

The chairs and tables are rented from the Porter County Expo Center and must be paid for with cash or a SEPARATE check from booth rental made out to Porter County Expo Center. Prices do not include tax. You must provide a Tax ID number if you are tax exempt. Please pay at the Expo Center office at time of setup. You will only be able to rent items from the Expo Center prior to 11am on Thursday, July 18. After 11am, the office will be closed and those items will no longer be available for rental.

Set Up & Take Down

July 15, 2019, 8AM – 5PM

Day one of large display set-up.

July 16, 2019, 8AM – 12PM

Day two of large display set-up.

All large displays will have to be set up by noon on Tuesday due to limited access.

July 17, 2019, 8am – 7pm

Booth check in and set up permitted. (Please note if you have a booth that needs to be set up on Tuesday- arrangements can be made).

July 18, 2019, 8am – 11am

Booth check in and set up permitted. ALL BOOTHS MUST BE SET UP AND READY FOR CUSTOMERS AT 11AM when the fair officially opens. You will not be able to rent tables, chairs or table skirts after 11am.

July 27, 2019, 9pm

Take down can begin starting at 9pm and must be completed by noon on July 29.


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