2019 Porter County Fair

Queen Application

Please email completed and signed copy of your Sponsor Form to Jessica Walters.

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By signing my name electronically this online application, I am agreeing that my electronic signature is the legal equivalent of my manual signature on this application. I have read the rules and responsibilities set down by the Pageant Committee and agree to abide by all requests. I understand that falsification of any information on my entry form is justification for immediate disqualification, and that the decision of the pageant directors is final. I also understand and agree not to hold the pageant, pageant directors, committee persons, Porter County Fair or sponsors liable in case of injury or accident during participation in any pageant event or rehearsal. Further, I also grant the Porter County Fair Pageant the right to use any photographs or videotapes made during any activity connected with the pageant, and to use my name with any of the before mentioned in any promotional efforts on behalf of the pageant or the Porter County Fair. This constitutes the entire agreement of the parties and is legally binding.