Open Class Home Economics

Rules & Regulations


Pat Ralph
1915 Loganberry Lane, LOFS
Crown Point, IN 46307


July 14, 2019
July 18, 2019


Rules & Regulations

  1. Department superintendents shall be appointed to supervise each particular department.

  2. Department superintendents shall, when called upon by the judge or an exhibitor give a definition of the rules governing an exhibit, and shall also decide all questions of disputes.

  3. The department superintendent shall prevent interference by anyone with the judges while passing on an exhibit, and they are empowered to enforce rules governing the exhibits.

  4. Superintendents shall refrain from expressing an opinion as the merit or demerit of any exhibit when talking in the presence of a judge.

  5. A faithful observance of all rules governing the exhibits will be required and when in doubt as to the application or intent of a rule, the department superintendent shall clarify the rule.

  6. No distribution or posting of advertising shall be allowed.

  7. The Porter County Fair will not act as a selling agent and no article can be shown with a “For Sale” sign in view. 8. The Fair Board is not responsible for loss or damage to any exhibit or display.

  8. In the event of conflict between general and department rules, the latter shall govern.

  9. No entry fee is assessed in any department. Ribbons and premiums will be awarded for the first five placings as deemed worthy by the judge. Judges shall not award prizes to unworthy exhibits.


  • 1st Place: $5.00 plus ribbon

  • 2nd Place: $4.00 plus ribbon

  • 3rd Place: $3.00 plus ribbon

  • 4th Place: $2.00 plus ribbon

  • 5th Place: $1.00 plus ribbon


Rules & Regulations

  1. Open to all adults who are over 18 and not participating in 4-H. A professional is one who earns $1,000 or more annually selling a product and/or teaching that technique which is exhibited in Open Class, and must enter the designated professional sections.

  2. Entries must be made by the exhibitor and completed since September 1, 2018. All exhibits must not have been exhibited in previous Porter County Fairs.

  3. Exhibitors can enter only one item per class (i.e. a, b, c) per section (i.e. 101), and as many sections as desired. For example, you may enter 101a, 101b, 101c, etc. Entries must be placed in the appropriate category. Miscellaneous categories are specifically for items not previously designated in the section.

  4. Pre-registration is requested by July 12, 2019. Mail to: Pat Ralph, 1915 Loganberry Lane, LOFS, Crown Point 46307. Entries will also be accepted at the door on July 14th or e-mail to:

  5. Exhibits will be received on Sunday, July 14, 2019 from 12:00 noon to 6:00 p.m. at the Exhibit Building. FOODS (Category III & IV) will be entered on Thursday, July 18th from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

  6. Judging will not be open to the public. The exhibits may be viewed after Food judging on July 18th. Exhibits are mixed within departments to make best use of space and to create a more interesting display.


  8. PHOTOGRAPHY: Not less than 8” x 10”, nor more than 16” x 20” overall. May be matted or mounted on self-adhesive photo board. NO FRAMES

  9. Nudes are not acceptable.

  10. No items may be tagged for sale or bear advertising.

  11. All exhibits must remain in place until Exhibit Release on Saturday, July 27, 2019. 12. Exhibits will be released on July 27th at 10 p.m. or Sunday, July 28th from 9 a.m.- 1 p.m. COMMITTEE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ITEMS NOT CLAIMED BY 1:00 P.M.


Section 101 – Special Occasion (any Holiday, Special Event)

A. Wreath, Door or Wall Decoration
B. Tree Ornament
C. Needleart
D. Tree Skirt E. Wearable Art
F. Centerpiece/Table Decoration
G. Stocking
H. Other

Section 102 – Ceramics

A. Stain Work
B. Glazed
C. Underglazed
D. Porcelain (includes dolls)
E. China Painting

Section 103 – Dolls (Not Stuffed Animals)

A. Cloth
B. Doll Clothing (with or without doll)
C. Other

Section 104 – Photography

A. Black & White - Portraits
B. Black & White - Animals
C. Black & White - Other
D. Color - Portraits
E. Color - Nature, Scenic
F. Color - Nature, Flora
G. Color - Animal
H. Color - Insect
I. Color - Other
J. Panoramic Prints
K. Digitally Enhanced (explain)

Section 105 – Toys

A. Stuffed
B. Other

Section 106 – Woodworking

A. Furniture
B. Hand Carving
C. Wall Decoration
D. Accessories - Sitting or Standing
E. Wood Toys
F. Refinished Wood Item (include photo of item before refinishing)
G. Woodturning
H. Other

Section 107 – Painting

A. Oil
B. Acrylic
C. Watercolor
D. Drawing-Pencil
E. Drawing-Ink
F. Pastels
G. Painted Articles
H. Other Section

Section 108 – Basket Weaving

A. Reed
B. Other Section

Section 109 – Wearable Art - Fabric (not quilted)

A. Purchased & Decorated Item
B. Constructed and/or Decorated Item
C. Accessories

Section 110 - Jewelry

A. Necklace
B. Bracelet
C. Earrings
D. Sets
E. Other

Section 111 -Home Decorating Articles (Not Quilted)

A. Sewn
B. Wall Hanging (not holiday)
C. Pillows
D. Wreath, Door
E. Other

Section 112 – Recycled

A. Fabric Items (include description explaining what item was formerly)
B. Recycled - Other

Section 113 – Scrapbooking (2 page layout, left to right, one side only)

A. Family/Heritage
B. Wedding/Anniversary
C. Vacations
D. Special
E. Sports
F. Digital
G. Other

Section 114 – Handmade Cards

Section 115 – Miscellaneous Crafts

Section 116 – Professional Arts & Crafts


Section 201 – Children’s Wear

A. Dresses
B. Jumpers/Sundresses
C. Blouses/Shirts
D. Pants/Skirts
E. Outfits
F. Coats
G. Special Occasion
H. Sportswear
I. Costumes
J. Other

Section 202 – Men’s Wear

Section 203 – Women’s Wear

A. Dresses
B. Jumpers/Sundresses
C. Blouses
D. Skirts
E. Pants
F. Outfits
G. Formal Wear
H. Suit
I. Coat, Blazer
J. Jacket
K. Sportswear
L. Bridal Gowns
M. Other

Section 204 – Professional Clothing Construction


Entire product SHOULD BE DISPLAYED ON STIFF FOIL COVERED CARDBOARD, unless stipulated otherwise. NO ITEMS REQUIRING REFRIGERATION MAY BE EXHIBITED. Please include recipes, which will become property of Open Class Committee. Other than specific “made from mix” category, Items should be made from scratch. For baked product competitions: filling, frosting, glazing, pie filling, and meringue, whether uncooked or cooked, are not permitted to contain cream cheese, whipped cream, unpasteurized milk or eggs/egg whites (pasteurized eggs or eggs cooked to 160 degrees may be used). Home-canned fruits, vegetables, or meats are not permitted in products. Recipes must be provided that show which ingredients were used in each part of the product. Contestants should carefully wash their hands and make sure that their hands do not have any open cuts before preparing foods. Whenever possible, baked products should be transported and stored in chilled coolers (41 degrees).

Section 301 – Cakes (with or without icing)

A. Angel Food or Sponge
B. Bundt
C. Layer
D. Cupcakes (6)
E. Made from Mix-Enhanced
F. Other

Section 302 – Yeast Breads

A. Sweet Yeast Dough (Coffee Cakes, Sweet Rolls (6), etc.)
B. Dinner Rolls (6)
C. Bread
D. Bread Machine Bread
E. Bread Machine Other

Section 303 – Quick Breads

A. Loaf
B. Muffins (6)
C. Coffee Cake
D. Biscuits (6)
E. Other

Section 304 – Cookies

(6 cookies on disposable plate. Bar cookies should be approximately 1” x 2”)

A. Bar
B. Brownies
C. Dropped
D. Shaped
E. Chocolate Chip
F. No Bake
G. Rolled/Cut Out
H. Other

Section 305 – Candy

(6 pieces on disposable plate)

A. Divinity
B. Fudge
C. Caramel
D. No Cook
E. Other

Section 306 – Pies

(Disposable pan – NO REFRIGERATED PIES)

A. One Crust Pie
B. Two Crust Pie
C. Other Pastry (6 pieces or whole product)

Section 307 – Gluten free

A. Cake
B. Quick Bread
C. Cookies

Section 308 - Professional Food


Please include recipes and processing procedure used including time. Standard canning jars and lids are required. LABEL AND DATE EACH JAR. (May be entered Sunday or Thursday)

Section 401 – Fruits

Section 402 – Fruit Sauces

Section 403 – Vegetables

A. Beans
B. Tomatoes
C. Tomato Juice
D. Other

Section 404 – Jams & Preserves

Section 405 – Jellies

Section 406 – Pickles/Pickled Other

Section 407 – Relishes

Section 408 – Sauces

Section 409 – Salsa

Section 410 - Other


Section 501 – Embroidery

A. Crewel
B. Machine
C. Other

Section 502 – Quilts, Quilting & Comforters

A. Hand Quilted - Pieced Quilt
B. Hand Quilted - Appliquéd Quilt
C. Hand Quilted - Other Quilt
D. Hand Quilted - Combination of Techniques (Ex: Appliquéd & Pieced Quilt)
E. Hand Quilted – Machine Pieced
F. Machine Quilted – Pieced Quilt
G. Machine Quilted – Appliquéd Quilt
H. Machine Quilted – Combination of Techniques
I. Hand Pieced – Commercially Quilted
J. Machine Pieced – Commercially Quilted K. Appliquéd – Commercially Quilted
K. Appliquéd - Commercially Quilted
L. Paper Pieced Quilt
M. Tied Comforter
N. Wearable Items – Quilted
O. Other Quilting – Pillow, Table runners, Toppers etc.
P. Wallhanging – Quilted (18” and under in width)
Q. Wallhanging – Quilted (over 18” in width)
R. Baby Quilt
S. Lap Quilt
T. Any quilt made by 2 or more persons
U. Other Quilts (i.e. rag, yo-yo, Cathedral etc.)

Section 503 – Knitting

A. Machine Knitting – All Items
B. Hand Knit – Afghans
C. Hand Knit – Lap throws
D. Hand Knit – Baby Afghan
E. Hand Knit – Adult Clothing
F. Hand Knit – Children’s Clothing
G. Hand Knit – Infant Ensemble
H. Fine Thread I. Accessories
J. Other

Section 504 - Crocheting

A. Afghans - Full Sized
B. Lap Throw
C. Baby Afgan
D. Adult Clothing
E. Children’s Clothing
F. Infant Ensemble
G. Household
H. Fine Thread
I. Accessories
J. Other

Section 505 – Needlepoint & Quickpoint

A. Canvas
B. Plastic Canvas

Section 506 – Counted Thread Work

(Size refers to finished work – not including frame and/or mat)

A. Up to 8” x10” Cross Stitched – Framed
B. Over 8”x10”, Aida Cloth, Cross Stitched – Framed
C. Over 8”x10”, Even weave (not Aida), Cross Stitched - Framed
D. Linen – Cross Stitched - Framed
E. Sampler (Note: a sampler is needlework which contains a letter(s), number(s) and/or statement or saying)
F. Counted Cross Stitch-Other (not suitable for framing) ex: pillows, afghans
G. Huck weaving
H. Hardanger
I. Other

Section 507 – Miscellaneous Needlecraft

A. Combination of Techniques
B. Needlepunch
C. Other (smocking, tatting, latch hook, etc.)

Section 508 – Professional Needlecraft

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