Fair Board

The 36 directors and officers of the Porter County Agricultural Society are doing what they love most—hosting a fair for people from throughout Northwest Indiana and beyond. Each year their goal is to bring about the changes that make the fair interesting and user friendly to all those who visit the Porter County Fair.

The Porter County Agricultural Society has a written policy manual.  For questions regarding Fair Board policies please contact the Fair Office at (219) 462-0321.


Marty Good

Vice President
Kara Moon

Emily Remster

Treasurer & Bookkeeper
Cheryl Wilson

Grandstand Entertainment & Fair Manager
David Bagnall


Dr. Lonnie Ailes
Robert Casbon
William CasbonDavid Jones
Wes Maiers
Jane MaxwellDonald Meyer
Mike O’Connor
Dr. John PoncherTom Rigg
Lonnie Steele
Donald Bloom
Dr. Carol Bloom
Kevin Duzan
David Gearhart
Jeri Gearhart
Bruce Glasser
Dave Good
Marty Good
Keith Gustafson
Troy Haman
Mike Herlitz
Dan Johnson
Holly King
Rod King
Andrew Lucas
Kara Moon
Larry Neace
Lori Neumeier
Dale Price
Emily Remster
Lia Schlinger
Martha Sharp
Tabitha Spudic
Lonnie Steele
Dennis Steinhilber
Darel Walker
Dave Walker
Jessica Walters
Randi Webber
Matt Wellsand
Cheryl Wilson
Roy Wilson
Greg Yergler


Kyle Banaski
Jordan Chester
Sydney Clark
Ashley Fox
Natalie Girman
Harrison Gluth
Tyler Gluth
Ellie Gorski
Kate Gorski
Shelby Heavilin
Samantha Higgins
Jessica Johnson
Joel Johnson
Amanda Kersker
Alexandrea Lacher
Brianna Leuck
Maddie Mottinger
Sarah Opperman
Aris Ringas
Britta Ringas
Rachel Stoner
Kyle Stowers
Alyssa Szafasz
Kaitlyn Waltz
Zoe Yergler


4-H Beef
Donald Bloom

4-H Swine
Greg Yergler

4-H Sheep
Harold Haman

4-H Dairy
Dean Morrow

4-H Cats
Nicole Hamann

4-H Dogs
Jean Reeves

4-H Rabbits
Scott Krzyzanowski, Nate Birky

4-H Llamas
Raymond & LeAnn Benninger

4-H Goats
Cindy Boo

4-H Horse & Pony
Paula Smith

4-H Draft Horses
Maggie Raimondi, Bruce Glasser

4-H Mini Equine
Stephanie McCullough

4-H Beef Carcass
Keith Gustafson

4-H Sheep Carcass
Dan Johnson

4-H Swine Carcass
Marty Good

4-H Exhibit Hall
Joyce Steinhilber

Junior Fair Board
Joan Grott

4-H Foods Auction
Kara Moon

4-H Poultry
Russell Gluth

4-H Pigeons
Tyler Gluth

4-H Master Showmanship
Carol Bloom

4-H Celebration Sale
David & Martha Sharp

Show Arena
Richard Casbon

Antique Machinery
Rodney & Marvin King

Commercial Exhibits
Holly King

Open Class Exhibits
Pat Ralph

Open Class Flowers
Janet Magnuson

Lamb Lead
Ashlee Duttlinger

Open Draft Horse
Maggie Ramiondi

Open Class Garden / Horticulture
Darel Walker

Grounds Entertainment
Lori Neumeier

Grandstand Entertainment
David Bagnall

Dustin & Doug Nelson

Trolleys / Transportation
David Walker

Electrician / Maintenance
Dale Price

Lia Schlinger

David Bagnall, Lori Neumeier, Lonnie Steele

Promotions & Publicity
David Bagnall

Legal Counsel
Andrew Lucas

Queen Pageant Coordinator
Jessica Walters

Sound / Lighting
Neal Case